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Elizabeth Henstridge for Regard Magazine (October 2014)

Tony Stark + his pet names for Pepper in Iron Man 3

I am not shooting you in the head. I will never shoot you in the head.

That doesn’t seem right. But before you go in, write down your scores and some things you want to say as a means of remembering the important things - so when you are having trouble you have stuff to remind you of what to say.

That is a really good idea! Thank you!!!

faithfuldoses replied to your post:.
Oh my god. I’m so sorry

;-; I had been getting all A’s on quizzes in that class but I got a C on the midterm exam and poor grades on a few hw assignments?? I didn’t think that warranted dropping though



Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #0 (2014)

written by Gerry Duggan
art by Matteo Lolli & Cristaine Peter

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